Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sponge Bob: The Masonic Episode

The only thing Squidward wants in the world is to be back in the Cephalopod Lodge, a secret society for fish with tentacles. This is not the first time a Sponge Bob cartoon refers to Freemasonry. This also reminds me a lot to this Tom and Jerry Episode.

Some might say “yeah, but they’re just poking fun at Freemasonry, what’s wrong with that?” Nothing is “wrong with that”. However, Sponge Bob is aimed at children under 10. About 99.3% of them know NOTHING about Freemasonry. They don’t get the “poking fun” part. There is no poking fun. This is not intended for educated adults. Children are therefore being educated about secret societies, their symbolism, their initiations and so forth. The show continues the process of exposing the youth to Illuminati symbolism. Making it part of popular culture and everyday life. Normalizing it.
I have to admit, though…that giant sock was funny.

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